Monday, November 1, 2010

Fabio is messaging me.

He really does look like Fabio.

Hello sexy girl!!!

thanks for the wink.

I tried to IM but U didn't get on it. :-(

I hope U don't mind me saying but Ur way hot. ;-))

I am a passionate caring, intelligent proactive alpha male looking for a girl to be my lover best friend for a LTR.

I am also brutally honest, very open minded and sexual.
Hope to hear from U soon.


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

White guy gets defensive...

This particular guy and I actually had a halfway decent message exchange, but lately I haven't been feeling the online dating scene too much for a variety of reasons, so I didn't respond for about a week, which prompted the following exchange:

He said: are you not into white guys?

I said: Actually, my dating history indicates otherwise, but I'm curious...what would make you think that's the problem?

He said: There is no problem here Rika. I'm just asking you why you didn't respond to me. Some people write and tell why they are not interested and some people don't. I figure by now I would not get a response from you. So, I wondered why you never felt inclined to further comunicate with me.

I'm feeling difficult. I think I will make the point that he didn't ask the correct question if that was the case. I'm not sure why, but for some reason arguing feels like more fun then actually looking for a date.

White guys...

I've been quite busy lately and I haven't felt much like leaving a few men waiting...3 of those men have waiting varying amounts of time to send an additional message essentially saying, "What, you don't like white guys?" The reality is that I almost exclusively date white guys, but that's beside the point. Why do all these men automatically assume it's their skin color that's the problem as opposed to say their poor grammar or their lack of anything even remotely interesting to say or their butt ugly face? I think I may pose this question to one or two of them. Stay tuned...this could get interesting.
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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A man named Elvis just emailed me. How could I ever date someone seriously named Elvis? He should get a name change. 

Monday, October 4, 2010


So I realized we have been bad at blogging.

Update times.

So cocky dude ended up texting me which I thought was kind of weird, and we tentatively scheduled a second date. Then he friend requested me on facebook....everything seemed normal...until one status update.

For those of you who havent heard (and I'm pretty sure we only have one follower...) a kid at Rutgers killed himself recently because his roommate videotaped and broadcasted a sexual encounter on the internet. Super sad. So cocky dudes status update is "I'm not the biggest fan of homosexual lifestyle choices, but I hope that this poor Rutgers kid finds peace and acceptance wherever he is now. It's a shame that in the world today he felt he couldn't talk to anybody."

ARE YOU KIDDING ME? The reason some gay people feel like they're doing something wrong is because of assholes like you. There is no way I am going out with him again. Come on, dude. For some reason it still surprises me when people my age are against gay marriage. Also assholes, pretty sure they dont "choose" to be gay. Get the fuck over it dude.

Also, I just scheduled two dates for Friday. Oops.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Return of the Creepy 34 yr old & Date #8 The cocky dude who shot his dog.

First, as you remember, I sent that email to that man who was wishing me goodnight after the first time I spoke with him. He originally responded with this response:

RE: hey
wow, sorry to hear that. good luck. you seem like a great girl.


Personally, if someone ever said something like what I said to him to me (which they wouldn't because I'm not a creepster), I wouldn't even bother writing back. However... that was fine that he said that and I left it be. Until last night (while I was waiting for my date to show up, ironically) I get this message: 

Re: RE: hey
your email has bothered me today. u seemed like a great person and to be so judgemental sucked. I am in charge of 11 employees and all of them I say I hope u have a great night sorry if your used to jack asses. but I am old school and polite. never has anyone said I should be any different. and from a I was excited to get to know u. sorry I know it means nothing but had to say it

First of all, how you do have 11 employees if you can barely form a sentence, use "u", and don't know the correct usage of your/you're?! Are you a manager at Mickey D's?! And I never understand this "You seem like a great person" thing. You don't know me. Just because I can send a nice email doesn't mean I am nice. Clearly, I'm not. And no-this doesn't mean I only date jackasses, this means I date men that don't wish me goodnight the first day I talk to them!

However, I was hanging out with 2 friends last night (after my date--I'll get to that shortly) and they told me they thought this was perfectly appropriate that he was emailing me more than once and saying these things. 

On to Date 8.

We went to a local bar (5 mins from my house--that's how I like it). He was actually a lot cuter than I thought he was going to be (He was one of those where he looks cute in some pictures--but not so much in others) but short (I'm trying to get over this whole I deny you immediately if you're under 5'9 thing). We went inside and sat at the bar. And chatted. He shot his dog when it was old to put it out of its misery (is this REALLY first date conversation?). He was just kind of cocky which I really dont like--he made sure to tell me about what schools he applied to for grad school (Yale, Harvard, Cornell, Johns Hopkins) and to tell me that my apartment complex where I live sucks (his condo is soooooo much better). Also, he may have a drinking/gambling problem. 

Now the weirdest thing. First of all, he was texting on the date. Big no-no. Turns out, (I of course totally read his texts as he was texting--he referred to me as a "chica") his friend was on his way down to south jersey and was just so happening to pass the bar. So when it was time to leave (I had other evening plans-which he knew) he decided he was going to stay at the bar because his friend was going to come hang out with him. NOW, if I didn't know any better, I would think he scheduled two dates at the same place. However, I did read the text to his friend so I know he didn't. I may have liked him more if he had scheduled 2 dates in a row, because that's kind of awesome and funny. So I left, didn't pay for my drink, and haven't heard from him since. 

Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'll play doctor if you play nurse

That should never be anyone's headline.

Also... why do you have a fetish with fugitives? Clearly you have some kind of role playing issue.

"I admire anyone who can jump into cold swimming pools and have the guts to swim themselves warm. It's the best way to start the day, or end it. Plus you're too sexy for clothes if you're a swimmer. FACT. If I made a reality TV show, I would drop 10 people separately in the ocean with nothing and the first person to swim to a rescue boat gets to make out with a Baywatch-style life guard. The rest can be captured by Pirates and taken fugitive. Yes, I do like to take fugitives. "